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Podcast downloads for Philosophy. Sun Tzu and The Art of War. Thu 1 Mar 2018 Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss the influential ancient Chinese work on military strategy Enjoy BBC audio on the move - a wide range of programmes and highlights are available as podcasts for you to download for free Podcasts; Features; FAQs; Contact Us; Main content . Philosophy. From Altruism to Wittgenstein, philosophers, theories and key themes. Mary Astell. Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss the philosopher. The Public Philosopher is another podcast produced and managed by BBC Radio 4. It is hosted by Michael Sandel, a political philosopher who teaches government theory at Harvard Law School. An article in China Newsweek called him the most influential foreign figure of the year Podcast; Main content. The Public Philosopher. Why Democracy? Prof Michael Sandel hosts a special edition of The Public Philosopher from Westminster. Available now. Will AI make thinking obsolete.

About Podcast A Podcast that interviews leading philosophers about pressing moral and political issues. The podcast is hosted by David Edmonds, a multi-awarding winning BBC journalist, and one half of the duo behind the Philosophy Bites podcast. Frequency 1 episode / month Since Sep 2016 Also in Morality Podcasts Podcast philosophy247.or The philosopher Mary Astell (1666 - 1731) has been described as the first English feminist. Born in Newcastle in relatively poor circumstances in the aftermath of the upheaval of the English Civil War and the restoration of the monarchy, she moved to London as a young woman and became part of an extraordinary circle of intellectual and aristocratic women 07 Best Philosophy Podcasts For 2021. Latest was Gospel of John Chapter 1 - Logos Trinity - Jay Dyer (Half). Listen online, no signup necessary

BBC Radio 4 Extra - In the Psychiatrist's Chair, Ken Russell

The Philosophy Bites podcast is largely a labour of love. At present we have no sponsor. We are, however, extremely grateful to those who have chosen to support us via Patreon and Paypal - Paypal links are in the sidebar of our weblog www.philosophybites.com. We are particularly grateful to people who have pledged over £200 per annum - most recently Paul Beardsell. Thank you, Paul! If you. Very Bad Wizards is a podcast featuring a philosopher (Tamler Sommers) and a psychologist (David Pizarro), who share a love for ethics, pop culture, and cognitive science, and who have a marked inability to distinguish sacred from profane. Each podcast includes discussions of moral philosophy, recent work on moral psychology and neuroscience, and the overlap between the two Podcasts. Podcasts RSS Preview in iTunes. The Philosophy Now Radio Show was broadcast live on Resonance FM.. If you enjoy our podcasts you might also be interested in subscribing to our magazine, which contains articles on all aspects of philosophy

Philosophy Podcasts. Podcasts. Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris. Dan Harris is a fidgety, skeptical ABC News anchor who had a panic attack live on Good Morning America, which led him to try something he always thought was ridiculous: meditation. He went on to write the bestselling book, 10% Happier. In this... Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard. Hi, I'm Dax Shepard, and I love talking. Philosophy podcasts are an invaluable way to increase your health, wealth, and wisdom. The study of knowledge and existence can only broaden your horizons and improve your quality of life. That.

Disclaimer: The podcast and artwork embedded on this page are from BBC Radio 4, which is the property of its owner and not affiliated with or endorsed by Listen Notes, Inc. PODCAST SEARCH ENGINE You can use our website to search 1,904,626 podcasts and 91,468,965 episodes by people, places, or topics All episodes published so far are listed below, or for lists of episodes with their descriptions please see the relevant introductory pages Frequency 1 episode / week Since Dec 2013 Podcast bbc.co.uk/programmes/p01dh5y.. Facebook fans 4.7K ⋅ Twitter followers 40K ⋅ Social Engagement 389 ⋅ Domain Authority 96 ⋅ Alexa Rank 140 View Latest Posts ⋅ Get Email Contact. 12. Hard Fried Histor For anyone interested in an educational podcast about philosophy where you don't need to be a graduate-level philosopher to understand it. In chronological order, the thinkers and ideas that forged the world we live in are broken down and explained. Philosophize This! Stephen West Philosophy 4.9 • 1K Ratings; Listen on Apple Podcasts. Beginner friendly if listened to in order! For anyone. Grant Bartley from Philosophy Now (and author of The Metarevolution) is joined by members of London philosophy groups Philosophy For All and the Philosophical Society of England to debate an argument advanced by PFA member Kieran Quill that according to quantum mechanics the universe is mental in nature. Join us to hear the fallout. First broadcast on 29 June 2014 on Resonance FM

Fifty Best History Of Philosophy Podcasts For 2021. Latest was HAP 66 - Lifting the Veil - Introducing W.E.B. Du Bois. Listen online, no signup necessary The BBC brings you a broad range of audio podcasts featuring content from the very best of BBC radio. You can find all of our podcasts listed below,browse by category, or see what is on offer from your favourite BBC radio station

With Google Podcasts, you can find and listen to the world's podcasts for free ‎Beginner friendly if listened to in order! For anyone interested in an educational podcast about philosophy where you don't need to be a graduate-level philosopher to understand it. In chronological order, the thinkers and ideas that forged the world we live in are broken down and explained I don't think philosophy is a panacea for the world's problems by any means. But I do think it can be extremely helpful for the right kind of person. Outside of that my only goal in life is to make a podcast that brightens people's lives a little bit. I want to be the notification on your phone that doesn't induce any stress. Thank you for making that dream of mine possible. Um dem Bedürfnis nach Austausch mit anderen nachdenklichen Menschen zu entsprechen, hat WDR 5 mit der Sendung Das philosophische Radio ein einzigartiges, regelmäßiges Forum für die. Von Comedy über Nachrichten und Zeitgeschehen bis Kultur - viele Sendungen aus den Radioprogrammen des NDR gibt es als Podcast zum Mitnehmen für Ihr Smartphone

BBC Radio 4 Extra - In the Psychiatrist's Chair, Ann

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The Ups and Downs of Co-Production. This short film stems from the Faculty's research project Therapeutic Conflicts: Co-Producing Meaning in Mental Health.. The Mental Health Foundation partnered with the Oxford University Faculty of Philosophy back in 2012-13 to run a series of interdisciplinary workshops exploring points of intersection between mental illness, psychiatry and philosophy Philosophy Bites, though, is the complete opposite. Presented by authors David Edmonds and Nigel Warburton, the podcast debates topics on the themes of decision-making, free will, body and mind.

So hören Sie unsere Podcasts. Dlf Audiothek. Jetzt kostenlos herunterladen. Das könnte sie auch interessieren. Lockdown-Schaden für den Sport Kein klares Bild. Newsblog zum Coronavirus +++ Ent Podcasts. talkSPORT HIT. Delivering the biggest sports stories to listeners every day from the world's biggest sports radio station. Keep up to date with all the latest sporting results.

Radiosender Podcasts Anmelden Suche In Our Time: Philosophy by BBC Radio 4. HTML5 Audio wird nicht unterstützt. From Altruism to Wittgenstein, philosophers, theories and key themes. Kategorie: Bildung. 134 - Mary Astell . Thu, 05 Nov 2020. 133 - Deism. Thu, 08 Oct 2020. 132 - Rousseau on Education. Thu, 10 Oct 2019. 131 - Bergson and Time. Thu, 09 May 2019. Professor of Philosophy at the University of Southampton Producer: Simon Tillotson. More Episodes (C) BBC 2019 Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss the ideas of Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778) on the education of children, as set out in his novel or treatise Emile, published in 1762. He held that children are born with natural goodness, which he sought to protect as they developed, allowing each. ‎Melvyn Bragg and his guests discuss Ordinary Language Philosophy, a school of thought which emerged in Oxford in the years following World War II. With its roots in the work of Ludwig Wittgenstein, Ordinary Language Philosophy is concerned with the meanings of words as used in everyday speech. Its

BBC Radio 4 - In Our Time, Philosophy

Listen to In Our Time: Philosophy podcast by BBC Radio 4. More than 1 million podcasts online for free on mytuner-radio.com. Stations Podcasts Sign In. Search. In Our Time: Philosophy by BBC Radio 4. HTML5 audio not supported. From Altruism to Wittgenstein, philosophers, theories and key themes. Category: Education. 134 - Mary Astell. Thu, 05 Nov 2020. 133 - Deism. Thu, 08 Oct 2020. 132. Philosophy Now Radio Show #23 Grant Bartley from Philosophy Now discusses questions about the nature of historical change, the purpose of human life and more from a Hegelian perspective with Katerina Deligiorgi, from the University of Sussex, and writer Peter Benson Listen to The Philosopher's Arms episodes free, on demand. The Philosopher's Arms, presented by Matthew Sweet, asks what sort of people should we bring into the world. In the pub this week are, among others, Oxford University professor Jeff McMahan and disability studies expert Tom Shakespeare. Producer: David Edmonds. The easiest way to listen to podcasts on your iPhone, iPad, Android, PC. A series of lectures delivered by Peter Millican to first-year philosophy students at the University of Oxford. The lectures comprise of the 8-week General Philosophy course, delivered to first year undergraduates. These lectures aim to provide a thorough introduction to many philosophical topics and to get students and others interested in thinking about key areas of philosophy. Taking a.

All in the Mind (BBC) This occasionally updated podcast explores the limits and potential of the human mind. Recent topics include sibling rivalry, sleep paralysis, and personality change. All in the Mind (ABC) A weekly podcast from Australia that explores the brain and behavior, presented by Lynn Malcolm. Life as a brain surgeon, emotional CPR, and the psychology of hoarding are just some. What motivations underline human behaviour. This series examines the genesis of spiritual thought of nations including China, Japan & India. This philosophic..

First, you'll need a podcast app. If you have an iPhone, you should already have the Podcasts app installed. Android users can use Google Play Music, though there's also a dedicated Google Podcasts app that has extra features.. You can also find most podcasts on Spotify.Other dedicated podcast apps include Pocket Casts (my personal choice), Overcast, Stitcher, and Podcast Addict Neil and Catherine go on a 'tense tour' of six very important English tenses (present simple, present continuous, past simple, present perfect, going to+infi.. Listen to In Our Time: Philosophy episodes free, on demand. Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss Nietzsche's On The Genealogy of Morality - A Polemic, which he published in 1887 towards the end of his working life and in which he considered the price humans have paid, and were still paying, to become civilised. In three essays, he argued that having a guilty conscience was the price of living in. This video is very different to my usual video lessons! It's the video recording of a podcast episode I recorded with Real Life Global. I chat with Ethan and..

25 Best Philosophy Podcasts to Check Out in 202

  1. Listen to The Philosopher's Arms episodes free, on demand. Is a Jaffa Cake a cake or a biscuit? A tough question for Matthew Sweet and the drinkers at The Philosopher's Arms, a pub offering both beer and philosophy. Among those helping him resolve this important conundrum are a Cambridge professor of philosophy and a former winner of the Great British Bake Off, who will be turning up in the.
  2. Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss the idea of a just war. There were theories about a justified or noble war before the birth of Christ, but it was his reporte..
  3. 12 Native English Podcasts for Learning English 1) This American Life This American Life is consistently ranked as the most popular podcast in the United States. On average, there are approximately 1 million downloads of each episode
  4. HistoryExtra podcast episodes are released every week, featuring interviews with notable historians on topics spanning ancient history through to recent British to American events. Episodes feature history stories and perspectives on everything from crusading knights to Tudor monarchs and the D-Day landings
  5. Ein History-Podcast von radioWissen aus der Vergangenheit für die Zukunft. ARD-alpha alpha-Forum. Im alpha-Forum kommen Persönlichkeiten aus Politik und Wirtschaft, Wissenschaft und Gesellschaft.
  6. ism and the philosophy behind post-truth. Listen to Nobel prize-winning scientists and philosophers put their heads together with best-selling authors and emerging thinkers to.
  7. es philosophical problems with a live audience in a pub. The easiest way to listen to podcasts on your iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, smart speaker - and even in your car. For free. Bonus and ad-free content available with Stitcher Premium

A podcast dedicated to all things quantitative, ranging from the relevant to the highly irrelevant. Co-hosts Patrick Curran and Greg Hancock talk about serious statistical topics, but without taking themselves too seriously. Think: CarTalk hi-jacked by the two grumpy old guys from the Muppets, grousing about quantitative methods, statistics, and data analysis, all presented to you with the. Podcasts finden, MP3s + Videos herunterladen, online abspielen oder als Podcast abonnieren. 1 Million kostenlose Hörbücher, Krimis & Video-Downloads im Podcasting-Verzeichni Philosophy For Our Times podcast on demand - Philosophy for our Times is a free philosophy podcast bringing you the latest talks and debates from the world's leading thinkers. We host weekly episodes on today's biggest ideas in news, society, culture, politics, science and arts. Subscribe today.. The BBC approached DSTL, which has its headquarters at Porton Down, for comment but was referred to the MoD. The MoD declined to comment unless formal allegations were made. Defra, commenting for.

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  1. Author and philosopher AC Grayling ranges through 2,500 years of history to explore the impact of great thinkers like Aristotle, Immanuel Kant and Bertrand Russell and to show how philosophers have guided and been guided by the great changes of their time
  2. ee Richard Powers. Listen on: Apple Podcasts | Acas
  3. Kategorien - Podcasts aus allen Themenbereichen. Wählen Sie eine Kategorie aus, um sich Podcasts in dieser Kategorie anzeigen zu lassen
  4. Only Artists from BBC Radio 4 brings two artists together to talk about their creative work. The agenda is theirs, the conversation is free-flowing, and there is no presenter. The title derives from the art historian EH Gombrich, who began his highly influential book The Story of Art with the famous line There really is no such thing as art. There are only artists. Here are some of the
BBC Radio 4 Extra - In the Psychiatrist's Chair, Les Dawson

Podcast-Macherinnen, so lässt sich das verstehen, trauen ihren Hörern zu, dass sie sich länger als nur ein paar Minuten konzentrieren können, bis ein Lied sie wieder entspannen muss. What is a podcast? A podcast is an audio show, usually spread across a series of episodes, which can be downloaded from the Internet and listened to on a computer, mobile phone or tablet View 50 top podcasts from Spotify : United States of America : Top Podcasts and view historical chart positions. Updated daily. Publishers. Advertisers. Charts . Log in. Podcast Charts. Spotify — United States of America — Top Podcasts 1 - Joe Rogan. The Joe Rogan Experience. 2 - The New York Times. The Daily. 3 - audiochuck. Crime Junkie. 4 - NPR. NPR News Now. 5 1. The Last. Disclaimer: The podcast and artwork embedded on this page are from BBC Radio 4, which is the property of its owner and not affiliated with or endorsed by Listen Notes, Inc. PODCAST SEARCH ENGINE You can use our website to search 1,905,940 podcasts and 91,778,156 episodes by people, places, or topics

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Listen to The Public Philosopher podcast by BBC Radio 4. More than 1 million podcasts online for free on mytuner-radio.com About Philosophy 247. Philosophy 24/7 brings you concise interviews with leading philosophers about pressing moral, political and social questions. The podcast is hosted by David Edmonds, a multi-awarding winning BBC journalist, and one half of the duo behind the Philosophy Bites podcast Podcasts; K-12 th Grade; eBooks; MOOCs; Donate; Bertrand Russell & Other Big Thinkers in BBC Lecture Series (Free) in Media, Philosophy | July 6th, 2011 11 Comments. 1.7k. SHARES. Facebook Twitter Reddit. Advertisement Back in 1948, Britain was making another difficult transition, moving from the trauma of World War II to the chill of the Cold War. Hoping to give radio listeners some clarity.

BBC comedy about higher education and its links with China. Share | Download (Loading) Why I love Leo Kearse (Scottish Comedian) November 14, 2020 . Share | Download (Loading) Assessment - the blog. November 5, 2020 . Share | Download (Loading) Jim Smith Scottish Comedian. October 24, 2020 . Recorded from BBC State of the Nation comedy show. Share | Download (Loading) Wake up Hull 17 October. About Podcast The Masters in Psychology Podcast explores graduate psychology topics and issues that are relevant in aiding students who are interested in furthering their education in psychology. The episodes comprise interviews of psychology professionals such as psychologists, psychiatrists, professors, students, researchers, consultants, etc. These interviews feature information and provide. The simplest questions often have the most complex answers. The Philosopher's Zone is your guide through the strange thickets of logic, metaphysics and ethics.Airs Sunday 5:30pm Repeated: Sunday 5. Philosophy Talk is produced by KALW on behalf of Stanford University, as part of its Humanities Outreach Initiative. The Team. Philosophy Talk celebrates the value of the examined life. John Perry. Co-founder and Co-host. John Perry is the Henry Waldgrave Stuart Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at Stanford University, and a Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at University of. About Podcast Science Talk is a weekly science audio show covering the latest in the world of science and technology. Join Steve Mirsky each week as he explores cutting-edge breakthroughs and controversial issues with leading scientists and journalists. He is also an articles editor and columnist at Scientific American magazine. His column, 'Antigravity,' is one of science writing's great.

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  1. Oxford University provides open content under a Creative Commons licence free for reuse, remixing and redistribution in education worldwide. A number of open content projects under the OpenSpires umbrella have made thousands of high-quality materials available for the benefit of international education
  2. As part of BBC Reel's new Rethink series, I sat down with Brown to discuss the inspiration for his book and the reasons that ancient philosophy is essential to cope with the peculiar demands of.
  3. From Altruism to Wittgenstein, philosophers, theories and key themes. - - Society - Literature - Philosophy - - Society - Literature - Philosophy In Our Time: Philosophy podcast online, show, fre
  4. es the thinking behind a current controversy. 17 - Will AI make thinking obsolete? Mon, 26 Aug 2019. 16 - Public Philosopher.
  5. g harkens back to old radio stories, with its fictional thriller starring actors Catherine Keener, Oscar Isaac, David Schwimmer, Amy Sedaris, and David Cross. The experience of listening to the podcast is less about the plot than it is about enjoying the performances.
  6. BBC Radio 4 - In Our Time, Philosophy - Downloads. Podcast downloads for Philosophy. Saved by BBC iPlaye
  7. About Podcast This podcast describes the man's effect on the environment and how the environment reacts. Frequency 2 episodes / month Since Oct 2010 Also in Climate Change Podcasts Podcast bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006r4w.

Some philosophers have drawn very strange conclusions about the nature of reality. But that doesn't necessarily mean we shouldn't study their work. In this episode of the Philosophy Bites podcast Emily Thomas discusses how wildly implausible metaphysics can be enlightening when we learn the reasons why these philosophers adopted these positions The Partially Examined Life is a philosophy podcast and philosophy blog by some guys who were at one point set on doing philosophy for a living but then thought better of it. Each episode, we pick a short text and chat about it with some balance between insight and flippancy. You don\'t have to know philosophy or read the text to (mostly) follow and (hopefully) enjoy the discussion

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Explore, stream, and download dozens more at the BBC Radio 4 site or hear them on Youtube and iTunes here. And if any these conversations whet your appetite for more, then head over to our expansive archive of Free Philosophy Courses, and Free Philosophy eBooks. Related Content: Learn The History of Philosophy in 197 Podcasts (With More to Come Focusing on his central principles in philosophy including Hume's theory on Ideas, Psychology, Logic, Relations, Induction and Causal Necessity. Subscribe: iTunes U Audio. iTunes U Video. Audio RSS Feed . Video RSS Feed # Episode Title Description People Date ; 1 : Creative Commons: 1. Historical Background, and His 'Chief Argument' First lecture on David Hume's Central Principles; focusing on. This BBC podcast is a stimulating way to learn more about world history in small doses. The episodes average around 10 minutes each, and there's a new one released each weekday focusing on a single event in a different part of the world. It's centered on eyewitness interviews and accounts. Listen Now . The History of World War II Podcast. 10 of 20. The History of World War II Podcast Host. Disclaimer: The podcast and artwork embedded on this page are from BBC Radio 4, which is the property of its owner and not affiliated with or endorsed by Listen Notes, Inc. PODCAST SEARCH ENGINE You can use our website to search 1,890,144 podcasts and 90,737,576 episodes by people, places, or topics The China History Podcast. December 16, 2017 • In the late Han Dynasty, philosophy was a lot more complex than in Confucius's time. The focus in this episode is on philosophical thought in the Tang Dynasty (618-907). From..

Plus, the podcast features some stellar hosts—including Roxane Gay, Keegan-Michael Key, Issa Rae, Heben Nigatu, and Tracy Clayton. 4. Dan Carlin's Hardcore History. If the idea of a history podcast where each episode is more than four hours long sounds like heaven to you, buckle up for Dan Carlin's Hardcore History. Using masterful narration, sound effects, and some intriguing thought. UK Podcasts. Current Top 10 See full chart. 1 Grounded with Louis Theroux Non-Mover. 268 days on the chart. buy from iTunes Get. 2 Into The Grey Zone Non-Mover. 3 days on the chart . buy from iTunes Get. 3 The Harry Redknapp Show Up 4 places. 8 days on the chart. buy from iTunes Get. 4 Sh**ged Married Annoyed Down 1 place. 365 days on the chart. buy from iTunes Get. 5 Power: The Maxwells Up 38. Karwai Tang/Contributor/Getty Images. The dry voice of Melvyn Bragg anchors the BBC's stellar In Our Time, which gathers a handful of academics each episode to offer opinions on a given topic.The round-table format-which Bragg regularly interrupts, of course-allows for each scholar to give their points of view on subjects ranging from philosophy and science to history and religion Podcasts. Warum nicht? 2 The course Deutsch warum nicht?, divided into four parts, tells the story of the journalism student Andreas and his invisible ex. RSS Feed Apple Podcasts Podcasts . Warum.

Listen to The Philosopher's Arms podcast by BBC Radio 4. More than 1 million podcasts online for free on mytuner-radio.com. Stations Podcasts Sign In Search The Philosopher's Arms by BBC Radio 4. HTML5 audio not supported. Matthew Sweet examines philosophical problems with a live audience in a pub. Category: Science & Medicine. 23 - Swearing. Mon, 27 Feb 2017. 22 - Cake or Biscuit? Mon, 20 Feb. Podcast One is the leading destination for the best and most popular podcasts across many top genres, from sports, comedy, celebrity culture, entertainment to news and politics. PodcastOne is the destination for all the podcasts you really care about! Find the PodcastOne apps in the Apple Apps and Google Play stores In the first podcast ever to be picked up to series from the Andy Daly Podcast Pilot Project, Dalton Wilcox, the self-described Poet Laureate of the West, will re-watch the classic TV show Bonanza! Dalton and his co-hosts, country music legend Mutt Taylor (Matt Gourley) and Biblical home and garden accessories entrepreneur and Bonanza superfan Amy Sleeverson (Maria Bamford) will welcome. Bestselling Dutch historian Rutger Bregman discusses his new book, Humankind: A Hopeful History, which ranges through the past to argue that humanity is inherently good

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The show gets together three or more experts on subjects that range from philosophy to politics, science to economics, and art to medicine. The unique feature about these shows is that they're unscripted and unedited, as the experts meet up to open dialogue on a variety of subjects with no preemptive knowledge of what counter argument they'll be facing. Tune in to this series to listen to. IDEAS is a deep-dive into contemporary thought and intellectual history. No topic is off-limits. In the age of clickbait and superficial headlines, it's for people who like to think Thinking Out Loud provides audio-podcasts based on a series of videos produced by Katrien Devolder in which she talks to leading philosophers from around the world on topics related to practical ethics. The podcast and videos are meant for a non-specialist audience. You can watch the videos on the Practical Ethics Channel. Katrien is a Senior Research Fellow at the Oxford Uehiro Centre for.. Here are the top 100 podcasts in Australia on Apple Podcasts (iTunes). This list is automatically updated every few days. This list is automatically updated every few days. Keep in mind, the Apple Podcast charts have been reported to be based on new subscribers, weighted for recency

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  1. Melvyn Bragg looks at an unexpected philosophical subject - the philosophy of common sense. In the first century BC the Roman statesman Marcus Tullius Cicero claimed There is no statement so absurd that no philosopher will make it. Indeed, in the history of Western thought, philosophers have rarely been credited with having much common sense. In the 17th century Francis Bacon made a.
  2. ates ideas, and the boundaries blur between science, philosophy, and human.
  3. This engaging weekly podcast by the folks behind BBC History Magazine contains features on a mixture of popular, big-draw topics (Thomas Cromwell, the Great War, Richard III), and pleasingly off.
  4. History podcasts are an invaluable way to increase your health, wealth, and wisdom. That's why our team at The Mission has put together this list of the best history podcasts of all time
  5. Top Podcast News. 01/06/2021 10:29 p.m. Beat the Shift Podcast - Market Premium Episode w/ Tristan Cockcroft; 01/06/2021 10:11 p.m. VeloNews Podcast: Marc Hirschi's transfer and Chris Froome's rehab; Cameron Wurf interview; 01/06/2021 10 p.m. Fratello On Air Podcast: Owning A Bvlgari Octo Finissimo Automatic Watch; 01/06/2021 9:01 p.m

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The Book Fight podcast is, in a nutshell, writers talking about books. Books we love. Books we hate. Books that inspire us, baffle us, infuriate us. These are the conversations writers have at the bar, which is to say they're both unflinchingly honest and open to tangents, misdirection, general silliness. Each episode starts with a particular book, story or essay, chosen either by Tom or. The Philosophy of Russell Brand By BBC Radio 4. In a recent Newsnight interview, the comedian Russell Brand predicted a revolution. His comments entertained many and became the most-watched political interview of 2013. But between the lines, Brand was also giving voice to the populist resurgence of a serious but controversial idea: anarchism. The new anarcho-populism is the 21st century. Alle WDR 5 Podcast-Angebote im Überblick. Radio und Fernsehen zum Mitnehmen Mit dem WDR-Podcasting können Sie Radio- und Fernsehsendungen hören und sehen - wann Sie wollen und wo Sie wollen.meh Listen to BBC Radio 4 internet radio online for free on radio.net. All radio streams and radio stations at one glance. Discover online now. Top Stations. Top Stations. 1. WHTA Hot 107,9. 2. WROD 1340 AM. 3. WLOF - 101.7 FM The station of the Cross . 4. KOMO - News Radio 1000 AM. 5. WTOP 103.5 Top News. 6. WCCO - News Talk 830. 7. KDKA 1020 AM. 8. WORL - The Answer 660 AM. 9. WEEI 93.7 FM.

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Die besten Musiker im Studio oder am Telefon gibt es hier als Podcast zum Nachhören. 11.01.2021. Telquist. Mit seinem Debüt Strawberry Fields machte der Regensburger Musiker 2017 schnell von sich reden. Sein ungewöhnlicher Popentwurf enthält Reggaebeats und Postrock und was Telquist daraus macht, hat absoluten Ohrwurmcharakter. So auch seine aktuelle Single Mojo, die es sofort auf die.

BBC World Service - The Cultural Frontline, Chen QiufanBBC Radio 4 Extra - In the Psychiatrist's Chair, Zoe WanamakerClaudia Hammond | To The Best Of Our Knowledge
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